Disruptive change in Agriculture

We believe we can make an important contribution to a better world. Our ambition is fed by our respect for our farming soils. Soils provide us with possibilities to produce food, wood, and they basically sustain all life on our planet. However, every minute a surface to the size of 30 soccer fields of fertile soils is wasted. Think about that for a moment. And then try to imagine what the consequences are going to be by the time the global population reaches nearly 10 billion in 2050.

Our Earth cannot support such a number of people. At least, not if we go on exploiting the Earth in the way we do now. Massive food shortages will arise, food scandals will rocket, and global warming will increase to unmanageable proportions. Our children will inherit a worn-out Earth. We, the team of Soilimpact, are determined not to let this happen. Join us when we pursue a new course!

Our approach is characterized by four phases:

All phases designed to reach our goals


Phase 1 is all about the acquisition of large areas of land whose soils are in poor condition.

Restoration of the soil

Phase 2 restores the full potential of the degraded farmlands, using the latest insights and tools.

Start Terra Farming

In phase 3 sustainable farms produce honest food. Without insecticides and artificial fertilizers, with minimal tilling.

Smart Distribution

In the final phase we get all of the high quality produce to conscious consumers. Straight from the source!